A body evolved and shaped by advanced technologies to deliver the joys of intuitive handling.

In designing the Prius, our engineers started with a new platform featuring a high-rigidity body made possible by production innovations including state-of-the-art welding technology and structural adhesives. Then they gave it the low center of gravity of a sports car for exceptional handling stability, and redesigned the suspension with double wishbone on the rear for smooth ride comfort and outstanding performance.


Inside Corolla XSE

The hybrid system combines both dynamic and environmental performance.

The hybrid system mates a motor that provides power at low speeds with an engine that delivers it at high speeds, and optimizes control of both for efficient driving performance. It can use only the motor or both the engine and motor in response to driving conditions, and the integrated generator charges the battery while driving.

Inside Corolla XSE

Two power sources combine to create a fresh driving sensation.

Driven by the desire to create an exceptional driving experience, the hybrid system was evolved to deliver a fresh level of driving pleasure. It seamlessly combines the engine and motor to leverage their respective strengths. Advanced technologies engineered to deliver smooth, powerful driving further contribute to the exciting driving performance.


Inside Corolla XSE

More power, more economy

1.8-liter 2ZR-FXE engine: Features low internal friction and high combustion efficiency. Advanced technologies help deliver excellent fuel efficiency in various driving conditions.

Inside Corolla XSE

Low Emission

Cleaner exhaust means reduced carbon dioxide emissions, a cause of global warming. The ability to drive using only the motor further helps to reduce emissions.


Door Sill Protectors

RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert)

To assist safe reversing, when approaching vehicles in difficult-to-see areas behind the vehicle are detected, RCTA alerts the driver using a buzzer and an LED indicator in the door mirrors.

Door Sill Protectors

Blind Spot Monitor System

When vehicles in adjacent lanes that are not visible in the door mirrors are detected, an LED indicator lights up in the relevant door mirror and starts flashing when the driver activates the side turn signal.

Door Sill Protectors

EPS-VSC integrated control system

The system integrates EPS with the braking and driving force controls of VSC, ABS with EBD, and TRC, contributing to excellent controllability and driving stability